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The SEMA Show New Product Awards are given to the most innovative and cutting-edge new and featured automotive aftermarket products. Nearly 2,000 products were entered into 16 different New Products Showcase categories to be considered for the 2015 SEMA New Product Awards. Winners were selected based on a variety of factors that included quality, marketability, innovation, technology, consumer appeal and more.

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For the sixth year, a panel of top automotive journalists from 15 countries throughout Asia, Europe, South Africa and South America served on the SEMA Global Media Awards (GMA) panel.

SEMA recognizes that automotive personalization and customization is growing worldwide. Though the appeal of making cars and trucks fit one's lifestyle has strong roots in the United States, this enthusiast attitude is universal - and growing. SEMA introduced the Global Media Award program in 2004 to highlight the wide appeal to enthusiasts on every continent of specialty-equipment products that are on display at the SEMA Show.

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Official SEMA Publication

& Quality Guaranteed!

Noticeably Improved TORQUE & HP Gains

Replaces all of the competitors old-school carbs
Most Common Questions about SILVERBACK Carburetors (Click to read more)

#1 What size CFM carb is correct for my application?

There is a simple formula used in the industry that is a good starting point. (Cubic inch of engine times maximum RPM's/3456 = the maximum CFM needed.
For a more accurate calculation, multiply that number by the engine's efficiency. Street engines are around 85% efficient, Street/Strip engines are... (Click to read more)
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Bright dipped anodized colors are available in clear machined billet, black, light blue, dark blue, red, burgundy, or gold. Also available in polished billet aluminum or Chrome.
Us vs. Them


  • Street & Strip 600 - 850 CFM Single inlet
  • $1795/Setup per application
  • Street & Strip 600 - 850 CFM Dual inlet
  • $1895/Setup per application
  • Full Race Application 950 - 1200 CFM Dual inlet
  • $1995/Setup per application
Super-Sized float bowls for race applications with 1" gas ($250) or 2" methanol ($300) extensions. All carbs come with perspective 1" Delrin manifold spacer to fit applicable bolt patterns. Carbs bodies are anodized and laser etched for incredible looks and durability!

Anodized colors to choose from: Chrome / Red / Blue / Gold / Black / Burgundy / Purple


When SILVERBACK CARBS decided to build to ultimate street and race carb, our interest was to find scientific solutions to traditional old-school carbs deficiencies, and to do this “without” managements costs-cutting decisions. We chose not to use cheap inexpensive castings or any existing old-school designs, along with their out-dated technologies. The SILVERBACK carb was designed from the ground up, specifically for the “true car enthusiast” and for the “serious racer” that’s looking for “a whole lot more in performance”, than traditional old-school carbs can deliver.

We have “bridged the large gap” of technologies that are currently on the market, from the 60 year old out-dated and aged carburetion systems to the new aftermarket EFI designs. With this new futuristic carb design, we have literally “re-invented the wheel” in the world of carburetion.

“It was not our goal” to compete with existing traditional old-school carb manufactures, or with their pricing structures. You can’t compare 60 year Volkswagens (old school technologies) to our new Ferrari-like quality built carb. (Maximizing technical advancements at any costs, to achieve the highest standards)

Setting our goal for maximum performance and the highest quality at any costs was #1 on our list of achievements, in a sense, setting new limits in the world of carburetion and the induction tract. We have no equals in performance, or costs, just providing you the best technology money can buy. We offer over 25 unique features that traditional carb technologies don’t offer. See our “US vs. Them” statistics for more details in that area.

“First and foremost”, let’s look at the performance side of things: We strived for excellence in that area, providing a “superior lofted and flowed” venturi, unlike any other carb. Hence our secondary name (the SILVERBACK CARB’s “SPI” System) “Superior Pressurized Induction”.

It starts with our patent pending “Quad Ram” air cleaner system that has an additional center curved divider that “shapes and controls” the high speed air in the central part of the air cleaner housing. We also incorporated our custom billet “flying saucer” that is spring loaded up against the top air cleaner cover.

It is designed to shape and re-direct the upper boundry surface of high speed air, to essentially straighten it and then ram it down the lofted and flowed venturi for maximum acceleration and POWER gains. It is innovative and uniquely designed to extract maximum energy from all aspects of the intake tract.

This custom spun aluminum air cleaner container was cleverly designed to take total control of the high speed air and straighten the air prior to entering the “velocity stack area” of the SILVERBACK “SPI” System. As the high speed now enters into the carb frontal area, we again take control of the air through our patent pending “Vortex Controllers” and our secondary “Laminar Flow Power Bars” that promote max flow potential through the venturi area.

Once we cross the threshold of the venturi, the air passes over a “controlled curb area” that maximizes the pressure differential in the venturi and provides an incredible response to the fuel delivery. Through the upper area of our carb, we have provided “mother earth” its maximum ability to “feed” the vacuum manufactured by the engine at 100% efficiency. Something no other carb or EFI system comes close to. The SILVERBACK carb provides superior air flow, than we match that with the best vaporized fuel in any carb system. Our mechanical means of fuel vaporization rivals most fuel injection systems, and much better than most. All these innovations deliver POWER and performance unmatched by any other systems. Period!

Our fuel delivery is super vaporized, more like a fog rather than like the traditional old school carbs, hosing the engine with heavy raw fuel. Heavy fuels fall out of suspension at lower speeds, has slower travel time, and refuses to bend around corners, and provides a much slower burn rate, meaning less power and more emissions. Traditional old-school carbs have been searching for solutions in that area for their lifetime.

Hence why fuel injection became prominent in the 80’s. The SILVERBACK carb provides a vapor that travels much faster, more willing to bend around corners, ignites quicker, providing improved efficiency, and of course, much greener to the environment.

The SILVERBACK carb will provide substancially more power, and in most cases, with less fuel, noticeably reduced engine vibrations, and will provide much longer life to “all” engine components. The SILVERBACK “SPI” System provides so many attributes that traditional old-school carburetion just lacks.

One of the most unique attributes of this carb design is the adjustable CFM , with adjustability ranging from 500 to 850 CFM in one carb body. It’s like owning 8-10 carbs all in one. It will handle Horsepower from 300 – 1000. That’s amazing in itself!

We noticed that one carb manufacture has over 40 part #’s from 550 to 850 CFM carbs. Surprisingly, we handle all that with 1 carb body. That’s being innovative and providing a “major cost savings” in the long haul.

On top of that, we can handle all forms of Street and Strip, from Drags, Ovals, Off-Road, and Marine, as well as Customs and Hot Rods. Impressive to say the least!

Then let’s not forget about its “self compensating temp and altitude abilities” as well!!! We do a lot of what EFI does, but we do it mechanically simple, without the possibilities of ECU boxes going bad, injector issues, wiring problems, malfunctioning sensors, high pressure fuel pump issues, or the knowledge or parts to fix it on the side of the road. Then add the many hours of time, effort and expense setting that all up, ultimately hoping you did it all correctly.

Or, just keep it simple, bolt the carb on in minutes and tune it with your fingers in seconds. And if you really are performance minded, we will blow away any fuel injection system in Power! Period!!!

The “SPI” system offers so many “technical achievements”, along with many new design features not found in traditional old-school carb designs, and not surprisingly so, it does come at a premium price as well. As the old saying goes” What’s CHEAP isn’t GOOD & What’s GOOD isn’t CHEAP! We hope you can afford to appreciate these major advancements in technology as well as in outstanding quality and its sexy good looks.

Sorry that we didn’t choose to build another inexpensive carb system and compete in that market, because we believe there are currently enough players providing for that market share. SILVERBACK instead chose to provide the market with truly exceptional designs that are quite different from the other carb manufactures, in all areas.

Sometimes it’s good to be different. We believe we are filling the “large gap of technologies” from traditional old-school carbs to the new aftermarket EFI designs. SILVERBACK believes we have found a niche in a technical design area that no one else is providing for, and we hope you appreciate these new technologies. This new “SPI” platform will elevate you to new standards, so you can achieve the success you’ve worked hard for.

This new carb provides the latest technical advancements in the world of carburetion protected with our many patent pending designs. Our super “high quality” billet designs are backed by an unheard of 5 year warranty, while most others are just 90 days.

The SILVERBACK carb provides incredible performance, easy tuning, and “More Power” than any carb of its CFM size, but it also has “incredible good looks” to boot. This carb has gone through 4 years of testing and 4 expensive prototype designs “perfecting the Science”. Our Gen 5 production carb has passed all criteria checkpoints with flying colors and is ready to impress.

This unique “SEMA” award winning “Performance Product of the Year” was not built on a whim, but with intent, focus, and relentless determination to deliver something very special to an “outdated” induction design. This new design has gone through many testing and design stages in perfecting the ultimate tuners carb. It tunes quickly “without” tools or fuel on your fingers with external clicker adjustments in seconds. Literally, it’s as easy as turning the water faucet off and on.

All the “science is on the inside”, and the tuning was designed around the KISS method (keep it stupid simple). When you make adjustments, it “literally” talks to you. You can hear it, feel it, and see the difference. Its wide tuning range will impress you, because it runs as clean at 10.5-1 AFR as traditional carbs do at 13.5-1. Under power, it will allow you to run super clean from 10.5-1 to over 15-1 AFR. It’s really that flexable! Literally in a very short period of time, you can tune it to what performs best for your application, with easy, simple to understand external fuel and air adjustments.

The SILVERBACK carb has a lot of very important functional design criteria within the float bowl area, because “we believe” this to be the heart of the carb, feeding the lungs of the carb (Venturi) with the ideal fuel supply.

We have designed this carb with single and twin fuel inlets for various reasons. Single inlet is to keep it simple for street applications up to around 500+HP. Applications between 550-1000 HP are set up with our dual inlet system. The needle and seat system utilize the .145 diameter racing needle and seat to provide max filling capabilities, while most other carbs utilize .090 and .010 needle and seats.

On top of that, we developed a great leverage ratio on the needle and seat and float arm so it can maintain high pop off pressures, as well as work great at very low pressure. It works ideally from 4-12 lbs of pressure. Our twin bowl is made for high performance applications where massive amounts of fuel are needed. In high-end race fuelapplications we have 1” float bowl extensions to maximize fuel capacity as well. We offer a 2” extension for methanol users. The lower section of the float bowl where the fuel resides is machined from Delrin billet stock (more expensive than billet aluminum) to be more resistant to heat transfer.

Another unique feature of this custom billet carb is that the fuel is strained “after” exiting the needle and seat to cleanse the fuel from air and frothing. This provides for much more consistent tuning with fuel that is not aerated. Secondly, our main “fuel pickups” in the float bowl are in a “separate chamber that is encapsulated and sectioned off” from the float chamber, so fuel can’t get air born in bumpy and adverse conditions, or sloshed around from major G-Force changes.

Also, our fuel pickups are more centrally located in the carb, so when the carb is dealing with the severe angles of rock climbing and off road racing, the fuel pickups will not be exposed to air. Our “chambered” fuel pick up areas are filled with “military spec foam” that is rated for 15 years. These foam inserts control fuel slosh, which in traditional old-school carbs cause bogs, inconsistencies in tuning, and ultimately, frustrations. Last but not least, our dual float system is designed so that no matter what crazy angle you are working with, you will always have a “full bowl of fuel” to work with.

SILVERBACK Carbs has found solutions to so many problems that traditional old-school carbs have left you frustrated with over the years. This wasn’t an easy task by any means, or other carb designers would have sorted it out by now, as most carb designs have been around for over 60+ years. We took the difficult task by making a long list of problems associated with traditional old-school carbs, then worked hard to find solutions and “pushed Science to the Max” to develop a product that takes carburetion to a whole new level. We are by no means tauting perfection, but were pushing the upper limits of design, quality and looks.

The unique float bowl designs provide high-pressure pop off, hi-flow supplying max volume, fuel cleansed from aeration, and the ability to deal with harsh and adverse conditions. It supports “separate containment chambers” for clean fuel pickup, and we top it off with easy to adjust external fuel adjustments in seconds with detented clicker mechanisms for precise tuning. We also have an easy to adjust single idle air-bleed system as well, which is centrally located in the venturi to feed all cylinders respectively.

As “important as the float system is”, we incorporated a completely sealed system with machined dove-tailed o-ring grooves, that virtually hold the o-rings in place. (No gaskets allowed). The o-rings we use are designed to handle all fuels, including alcohol and methanol.

With “safety” being such an important issue in a roll-over with fuel loss, we designed an internal fuel restriction device to keep fuel from having mass spillage if you and your car are ever unlucky enough to roll upside down.

We are proud and happy to supply you many technical solutions to so many issues that most people experience within the deficiencies of traditional old-school carburetion. We are all about using science to the 10th degree to supply you a product that is 100% American designed and manufactured, that you and SILVERBACK can be proud of.

Also check out our new 950-1200 CFM race carb in both 4150 and 4500 flange designs. It has all the other great attributes of our smaller Street/Strip carb, but flows incredible air and fuel thru its perfectly lofted and flowed venturi. It will soon set the standards all others will be judged by. The race carb was designed to be universal in nature, fitting both bolt patterns by simply switching out the manifold spacer, another cost savings feature.

When you’re willing to own the future in high-performance, along with the best quality and incredible looks, topped off with the most POWER that money can buy, then it’s time for you to get turned-on by the new SILVERBACK “SPI” System!

Become a member of TEAM SILVERBACK and enjoy the ride!